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Webinar: Predict it

Being proactive with your maintenance increases uptime for any kind of system or assets and will improve efficiency. Your planner gets notified on time and can set the best date.

• Introduction
• What is OutSystems?
• Predict it – live demo
• Q&A
• Wrap-up

Date: May 29, Friday
Start: 11.00 CET
Time: 45 minutes

Predict it app
Predict it Wrench

Prevention is better than curing, or repairing in this case. Our Proactive maintenance solution will decrease downtime and give improved fuel efficiency, thanks to timely repairs/checks while at the same time taking into account numerous internal and external factors.

With a short demonstration of the application, that can be tailored to your needs, we can show what OutSystems can do for you. An application that is easily integrated in your IT landscape, streamlining processes much faster than traditional coding.

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