Track it

Track inventory without a sweat​!

Warehouses, buildings, floorplans and machinery. If you look at our world, everything exists out of many objects. Imagine a whole building divided into (small) assets.

This app lets you keep track of where you have left something, through tagging and simple integrated in your asset database, you will know the status, used or on a shelf and where in your warehouse or storage it is!

Our solution

Connect objects to a floorplan or map. Select multiple locations and tie in different objects. These objects can consist then again of different parts, that way, you can track each part anywhere. And if it needs attention, you know where to go!

The advantages of our Track it solution

search fast

Always the latest status

trends and patterns

Add and adapt your floorplan

visual insights

Less time lost on searching and checking

fuzzy search

Easily scale with Predict it


Receive notifications when necessary

Track it map

How does it work?

With a simple interface you can control all your assets easily. Do this along the whole floorplan or even on multiple levels... Go global!

Thanks to Track it you can control your assets across the globe but get notifications on fixed items on a large floorplan to municipality. Through this you know if something needs attention.

Together with one of our consultants guide you through the first setup. From garbage collection management to casino floors.

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