Time it

Simplify rostering management!

Always trying to find a way to know how much time was spent on projects? With this easy and simple registration solution you can keep simple setup projects, enter the time you used and even set limits.

Do you need more? Holiday or absence management, employee administration, expenses, billing, financial impact... It can all be part of the solution.

Our solution

Time it seems like an easy, simple project time tool. One that can easily help you get more insight on how much time and cost over different projects are spend. This way you know you are on target.

For the people on projects they can easily register their hours, even from a mobile phone, no need to waste time there. Need someone to sign off on a timesheet? It can all be automated. All types of categories can easily be added to suit your business.

The advantages of our Time it solution

search fast

Improve use with an easy UI

trends and patterns

quickly create new projects and connect people

visual insights

Get insights to cost and time per project

Time it stopwatch

How does it work?

As a business you want to keep track of time and all the effort put in to projects. This enables you to quickly create any project, assign it to the right people. They on their time can simply fill in fast the how and what they've done. On the other end, you gain insights that you need, to set targets or take control where needed.

Since time management and rostering can be challenging, especially if you are still using excel, this will keep things safe and sound. No need to get a whole day to learn the tool, through its intuitive design.

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