Report it

Present the right data

With integrating the Report it solution you can easily configure, connect and present data. By tying it in existing applications you can set up the business intelligence you need.

Through the meta-data it can connect the right axes together, creating graphical insights for your business. No need for external parties to create graphs, just set it up on your own application thanks to this solution.‚Äč

Our solution

Through the meta-data you can create beautiful graphs for your business. Add it to a dashboard to go above and beyond. This way you can connect dots that weren't visible right away. No need to export any data to excel and to mess around with creating insightful tables.

The advantages of our Report it solution

search fast

Clear and easy display

trends and patterns

Easy to connect data

visual insights

Create graphs your own way

fuzzy search

Share knowledge realtime

Report it graph

How does it work?

By connecting your database meta-tags to the solution, it can bring in the right data. With that you can easily set up the type of graph with any x-axis and y-axis view you need.

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