Predict it

Get maintenance alerts before your equipment breaks down!

How much time and money would you save if you had the opportunity to repair and maintain your assets before they break down?

Most manufacturing companies have a schedule of recurring fixed maintenance windows to their assets. But in an ideal world, you would maintain your assets based on usage rather than a fixed monthly or quarterly schedule.

Our solution

It requires a lot of data to get to know your machinery and predict their needs. We are able to predict these needs. We collect the data by adding Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to the equipment, which gather large amounts of data. The gathered data are put into our Proactive Maintenance solution that is specifically built to analyse multiple patterns and trends you wish for.

Regardless of the millions of assets and numerous locations, the solution will do the job in a matter of seconds.

The advantages of our Predict it solution

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Minimize downtime

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Recognize trends and patterns

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Minimize unneeded maintenance

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Optimize the usage of resources

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Lower costs and improve predictability

Predict it Wrench

How does it work?

With the newest Machine Learning and AI algorithms, all the gathered data is presented in your dashboard. This dashboard is built in OutSystems, the latest Low-Code technology, and allows for easy connection to any other running application in your company. This dashboard gives you input on usage, downtime, next maintenance term and can be customized to your specific needs and requests.

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