Our Solutions

Automated Scheduling

Schedule your resources smarter in less time!

Today we live in an ever changing world with so many technologies to support our everyday life, a good planning of valuable resources, time and money is a full-time job.

For any company waste is killing. Especially for companies which operate with high volumes, small margins, strict cut off times or with very inconsistent schedules.

Manual scheduling off all these resources is inefficient and errorprone.
Imagine a solution that can eliminate these errors while saving you time and money….

Elastic Search

Find what you are looking for in lightning speed!

In modern day society with big data solutions, web services, social media and all other kinds of software and services producing tons of data, searching through this data becomes a challenge.

Have you ever ran into the trouble of searches being slow due to the amount of data? Or is this because of queries being so complex, they cover half the database table structure?

Imagine a solution that can provide you with fast and precise search results and in case you have little to no clue what you’re looking for, still provide you with what you need with fuzzy and suggestive search results.