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When combining the Gather and Process phases you get Big Data. This is one of the two main specialties that Valuga offers. Data is gathered and processed to make an application ‘smart’, so it is inherently more capable of supporting decision making processes, predicting moments of action, monitor your assets etc.

Valuga’s experts have extensive knowledge in the field of Big Data analytics, i.e. Machine learning, Algorithms, Neural networks and Blockchain. Valuga also supplies a Big Data platform called the Valuga Analytics platform, which seamlessly connects to OutSystems’ low-code platform, offering clients Big Data-in-a-box-like capabilities combined with user friendly interfaces and insightful dashboards.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But the challenge is to get insight of large data sets, how to search through them and visualize it correctly.
We have many different ways to make the data accessible and usable, through Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, conversational UI, IoT, Blockchain, and more.

Big Data team and platform

Our Big Data team and the Valuga Analytics platform are a buffer between the data points and OutSystems. In this platform all the data is gathered, collected and indexed and otherwise time-consuming calculations and business ruling are performed. Then the OutSystems platform is able to easily connect with the Valuga Analyticsplatform. The combination of the two platforms enhances the experience and quality of the applications. Allowing insight and analysis in billions of raw data to combine the power of the Valuga Analytics platform and the OutSystems platform for the most optimized solutions.

Ready to Innovate

We have solutions that can be modeled for multiple business cases. Thanks to our innovation team we have a flexible layer that can easily link with an OutSystems Module. Suffice it to say, the technology is already there. Walk us through your business processes, rules and regulations and we can help you find a match to your business wishes.

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