Data Intelligence

In a world where everything is connected and more information is available than ever before it is crucial to have the rights tools to navigate the sea of data. Luckily, we have those tools.

Our passion is to help you

At Valuga we are not only Outsystems experts, we are also data experts. It is our love for data analysis that drove us to create the Innovation Platform, which helps to analyze and prioritize your data.
Integrating OutSystems with our Innovation Platform we formulated a set of standard solutions based on the insights gained by years of consulting experience.
This set of solutions, aptly called our solution suite, will help you make the right decision based on your data. Every time again.

Data driven decisions have never been so easy.

Tools for intelligent insights

Our solutions from the suite are specifically selected to help you out straight out of the box. Why waste time on reinventing the wheel over and over again?

  • If you can not find what you are looking for, try `Find it`.
  • Need to visualize loads of data across you application infrastructure, `Report it` might be the tool for you.
  • Do you want to predict and plan for the future? We have something for that too.
  • Check out our solution suite for the whole list.

Want to do more with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, machine learning or general IoT for your business? We always love another challenge, so contact us!

Ready to Innovate

We have solutions that can be modeled for multiple business cases. Thanks to our innovation team we have a flexible layer that can easily link with an OutSystems Module. Suffice it to say, the technology is already there. Walk us through your business processes, rules and regulations and we can help you find a match to your business wishes.

Our Solutions

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