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Big Data / IoT

When combining the Gather and Process phases you get Big Data. This is one of the two main specialties that Valuga offers. Data is gathered and processed to make an application ‘smart’, so it is inherently better able to support decision making processes, predict moments of action, monitor your assets, etc.

Valuga’s experts have extensive knowledge in the field of Big Data analytics, i.e. Machine learning, Algorithms, Neural networks and Blockchain. Valuga also supplies a Big Data platform called the Valuga Analytics platform, which seamlessly connects to OutSystems’ low-code platform, offering clients Big Data-in-a-box-like capabilities combined with user friendly interfaces and insightful dashboards.


Do you want to develop 6x faster than traditional development allows? Do you need better IT & Business alignment? Valuga uses the industry-acclaimed OutSystems low-code platform to accelerate your business!

Develop and deploy new business concepts in weeks instead of months. We provide a wide range of OutSystems expertise, from Expert Developers skilled in Web and Mobile applications to Architects and Support Engineers, from Scrum masters to UX/UI designers. As a full service partner we combine all our expertise to deliver the best for our clients


So you’re going to build an exciting, innovative application, but how do you make sure it’s perfect for your users? By starting early with a strong User Experience and easy to use interface of course.

From our experience, making UX/UI design an important part of the development process results in higher quality applications, more intuitive interfaces and most importantly, happy users. But it also reduces the total development time needed and increases the first time right method.

The design experts at Valuga can help you achieve great results both at the start of a project, with design workshops tailored to low-code development, and during the entire development process with custom designs, interaction testing and advice.

24/7 Support

When building business-critical applications for your company, you need to count on the support of those applications, not limited to office hours. Valuga can provide support in your day to day operation, including evenings and weekends.

With our mixed team of Support Engineers, Professional and Expert Developers, we have a solid team and a wide spread knowledge base.

We facilitate knowledge sharing and training within the team and make sure that knowledge of your current application landscape is up to date. Based on your organisations wishes and requirements, we commit ourselves to strict SLA’s and quality standards.

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