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In modern day society with big data solutions, web services, social media and all other kinds of software and services producing tons of data, searching through this data becomes a challenge.

Have you ever ran into the trouble of searches being slow due to the amount of data? Or is this because of queries being so complex, they cover half the database table structure?

Imagine a solution that can provide you with fast and precise search results and in case you have little to no clue what you’re looking for, still provide you with what you need with fuzzy and suggestive search results.

Our solution

Our ElasticSearch solution delivers exactly that. It reduces search times to a minimum, can find that 1 single record in tons of data and only needs minimum input to get what you want. And don’t worry, it grows along with your company.

The ElasticSearch solution provides the capability of doing extremely fast searches through all of your data, regardless of the complexity, amount or structure of the data. It is fully scalable and therefore suitable and adaptable to any changes in your company. It can provide you with search patterns and trends within all of your data. It works via REST API thus fit for seamless integration into any landscape.

How does it work?

Now how is ElasticSearch able to do this magic in contrary to regular databases? ElasticSearch is built on top of a scalable no-sql Big-Data database, which is extremely suitable for how ElasticSearch handles its data.

For all the searchable data is creates all kinds of convenient indices. It will analyze the data and will store it, using these indices, into this Big-Data database. Instead of needing to crawl through all the data to find the stuff needed, it has prepared the data to be able to fetch it instantaneously.

Since ElasticSearch holds its own data structure, it is completely independent of any existing database or data structure, making it extremely dynamic and easy to integrate. It is just a matter of answering the following questions: Through what data do I want to search? And what do I want to find?

Together with one of our consultants we will define where, how and what data to make searchable, and what the output of the search will be.

You will:

  • Search fast through lots of data and complex queries
  • Recognize trends & patterns
  • Get insights with visual reporting of trends & patterns
  • Search fuzzy, by covering common spelling errors
  • Receive autocomplete suggestions

Search at lightning speed!

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