“Thanks to OutSystems and the quick involvement of users & developers, we could excel in efficiency.”

Harrald Spooren UX Consultant

Harrald Spooren

No ordinary Warehouse Management System

It’s not always that easy to create a fast, lean and user friendly system that increases a business’ efficiency so much. Especially when said business is already operating in a competitive and small-margin sector. Little changes and tweaks have high impact.

Thanks to our Experts and OutSystems we made sure to bridge that gap and we also improved on out of scope processes beforehand. All across different platforms, while seamlessly integrating and connecting them with each other.

The Challenge

Where margins are small and business goes fast, create and implement an ultra efficient system than the one already in place. The IT-landscape is diverse and lacks integration on every level. So how do you go about improving workflow and making sure the system is robust, fast and friendly to boot?

Our Solution

Our Experts built a greenfield Warehouse Management System. This system consists of a mobile and web application. The mobile app is used in the warehouse by employees and the web app serves as a back-end for the warehouse manager/supervisor, allowing them to manage their warehouses.

The Results

With the huge improvement of linking different applications on a multi-platform scale we increased efficiency beyond the customer's expectations. And most importantly, our Technical architects made sure the newly built systems and integrations are robust and able to handle high loads.


Our Warehouse Management System is key to a faster, more reliable and highly efficient inventory management process. It allows tracking the inventory in real time, moving products within a warehouse, picking products to fulfill sales orders, inventory cycle counting and corrections.


The company had been keeping track of inventory through their ERP system and manually with numerous Excel files. The use of two different uncoupled systems and the shortcomings of both proved to be unreliable and inefficient for the company, so we built a Warehouse Management System to overcome these challenges.


This system consists of a mobile and web application. The mobile app is used by the warehouse employees and is installed in the company’s handheld scanners. It is used for moving and picking products, counting and correcting inventory. The web app serves as a back-end for the warehouse manager/supervisor, where they manage the warehouses, oversee the complete inventory, approve certain operations performed by the warehouse employees and manage the inventory cycle counting.


The company is a leading wholesaler of premium brand fast-moving consumer goods, worldwide. Their international team is tailored to meet the needs of each specific market. They always go the extra mile to find the best options for their clients. They possess market-specific knowledge of their clients’ and suppliers’ needs and challenge ourselves every day to go above and beyond.

In the great Dutch tradition of reliable and efficient trading, they strive to constantly improve their extensive market knowledge, smart logistics network and high-tech warehouses. Their goal is to offer the absolute best when it comes to logistics, pricing, conditions, service and quality.

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