“Combining the digital possibilities with the human approach for the best results.”

Randstad Spotter

For Randstad, it’s a great endeavor to hold her strong position. At this very moment, it offers 680.900 people a job in 4.826 establishments across 39 countries. Because of this, it’s only logical to make use of innovation and smart technology. But because of the Human Resources services it's crucial to keep a “human touch” alive with customers and candidates.

The success of Randstad leans heavily on the “tech and touch” philosophy. How to combine the digital possibilities with the human approach for the best results?

The Challenge

Optimise the recruitment process, increase the use of their own database and talent profiles, while allowing more rehiring of current employees to take place. All this to provide the best matches between talents and vacancies, without losing the human touch.

Our Solution

Create an app that combines low-code, machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly and efficiently match candidates from Randstad’s databases with current vacancies. In one click 40 variables are considered to find the perfect match.

The Results

An overall optimised recruitment process, higher use of own database and candidate profiles and more rehire of current employees. Key figures show a 30% decrease on matching time with a 60% increase on use of own talents.


Who hasn’t heard of the saying “Data is the new oil”. It is shortly becoming the world’s most valuable resource. Randstad is sitting on a lot of data. Data from candidates, data from customers, data from hires. In this vast landscape the potential matches between vacancies and talents are endless. Making it nearly impossible to find the perfect match, let alone by hand. A need for innovation and smart technology have become a necessity.


The application dubbed Spotter is based low-code in combination with machine learning and artificial intelligence. It offers users a smart technology, matching the available talent in their database with current vacancies in a matter of seconds.


Intermediaries are now more efficient and effective thanks to Spotter. The time spent matching talent to vacancies decreased by 30% while finding the most suitable candidates within their own talent pool increased by 60%. It is the most highly adopted app used at Randstad.

About Randstad

Randstad started off in 1960 and quickly grew to the company it is today. They have brought work and people together, for over 55 years, worldwide. They listen to you and help you with their expertise. As they say: Our passion is to bring the best out of people and organisations.


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