“The Outsystems platform enabled us to migrate and implement a new, user friendly, business critical application while the casinos were open. Even during this implementation we were able to adapt the application to the latest user requirements”

Ferry Kurver Manager Development

Ferry Kurver

A visit to Holland Casino

Holland Casino has 14 establishments throughout the Netherlands. Everyday they serve everyone with an exceptional goal, a 9+ experience. And that starts at the very first step you take when you enter one of their establishments. Their guest registration system.

The Challenge

Develop a user intuitive application that helps Holland Casino staff at every step of the process of onboarding a guest, making it as smooth as possible. The application should integrate seamlessly with the current hardware and IT-systems.

Our Solution

Redesign the visitor registration system from scratch, including a wizard-like setup to guide Holland Casino staff in their work of registering and signing in visitors with as little steps and mouse-clicks as possible.

The Results

Guests can now enter the casino quicker than before, while at the same time Holland Casino's staff can now focus their attention more on the things that really matter, like customer intimacy and safety. Onboarding of new staff has also been simplified due to the increased intuitiveness of the new system.


A visitor registration system already existed within Holland Casino, but it was decided that the system needed overall redesign and modernization: The legacy system provides a lot of functionality build over the years, integrating with other internal systems and hardware, but has become hard to maintain and teach new employees how to use. Recreating all integrations with other systems and hardware is an obvious challenge, as is redesigning a web application by modern UI/UX standards with an intuitive flow that helps the cashier in his or her job.

An important requirement for the new system is to shorten the queues for the guests entering the casino during peak hours, this making for an altogether more pleasant experience.


For the integration with other systems the OutSystems web application uses RESTful web services, namely to get security warnings when a guest enters the casino. The hardware interfaces were established using custom build javascript and .NET extensions and allow an identification document to be scanned after registration of the guest data, should the visitor like to apply for a loyalty card. Depending on the guest choice, either a regular day-ticket is sent to a ticket printer or, after agreeing and signing the general conditions from the OutSystems mobile application, a card is issued from the card printer.

To shorten the queues, even before implementing the new registration system, the fast-lane app was also released. To identify the guest and check if the guest is allowed entry, the app reads cards by swiping or scanning the QR-code. To facilitate progressive adoption, this OutSystems mobile application was firstly built as a shell around the old visitor registration system for loyalty card holders during the peak hours, but is able to switch to the new application seamlessly.

To facilitate a phased roll-out of the application, the legacy and the new systems still need to run parallel and be in sync at all times. The data entered on either side will synchronize to the other system automatically. This two-way synchronization is managed by the OutSystems platform, that seamless deals with two substantially different data models between the two systems.


The new registration system allows the Holland Casino staff to focus more on the things that really matter, like proving a memorable entertainment and human interaction experience to every guest: a smoother onboarding and warm welcome is the first step of that process.

From an internal company perspective, the new application brings other gains related to a more streamlined training of new staff as well as a unrivaled capacity to evolve as new business requirements become apparent.

About Holland Casino

Holland Casino consists of fourteen branches spread throughout the Netherlands. The company’s casinos are hospitable entertainment venues, with a varied game and catering offer.

For over 40 years, guests play responsibly and safely for money all year around and are assured of fair play and the highest benefit percentages in the Netherlands.

The casinos offer a wide gaming choice for every visitor aged 18 and over, but it’s the experience of the guests what is most important in the service provided, even for those that do not participate in the games.


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