“It is really cool that we can build this application ourselves within Holland Casino, exactly the way we want it.”

Norbert Muller Product Owner PRS

Norbert Muller

Holland Casino: pokerface

Holland Casino has 14 establishments throughout the Netherlands. Everyday they serve everyone with an exceptional goal, a 9+ experience.

Frequently, Holland Casino hosts poker tournaments. If you wish to enroll in one, it has to meet high standards. and to achieve this goal, their technology will exceed guests expectations.

The Challenge

Managing all the different forms of cash games and high stake poker tournaments for casinos across the country is a challenge when there is no IT system available on the market that will cover all the requirements. Also the poker games are highly configurable and some standardization within Holland Casino is desired.

Our Solution

Through extensive talks with the end-users an IT system is developed where the product specialist configures the templates that in turn can be used at the casinos to plan new cash games and tournaments. These can be booked and paid through the Holland Casino website, or at the casino itself. During the game the application will be used to control and monitor all the different aspects of the different game variants.

The Results

The ease of use simplifies the work of the Holland Casino staff that is related to administrative work, which makes it possible for them to pay even more attention to the guests. In addition they now have a single tool instead of multiple which makes life easier when the game is on!


One of the most popular games to play at Holland Casino is poker. It knows two variants, cash games and tournaments. A Cash game is a continuous game. Players can join, play and leave when desired. Different tables can have different game settings and buy-ins and the cash games are usually configured to be repetitive each day or week. Games can be opened and closed on the spot and when a game is overbooked the players enter on a waiting list. A tournament is a knock out competition that requires a buy-in upfront. The game starts with a limited number of players, which are in the race for the prize money that consists of a part of all the buy-ins.


The poker reservation system is used by Holland Casino staff at different positions. First the product specialist is at the headquarter and will configure the poker game templates to establish an equal poker experience across all sites.

The poker brush will then plan a game (cash game or tournament) with all it’s different settings, like the template, number of players, buy-in, level duration etcetera. Based on the configurations, the games will be automatically published on the Holland Casino website for the guests to book it. The payment and availability are fully managed by the reservation system, for which it integrates with a payment provider.

During the game PRS is used to control, manage and monitor the games. Among others, the system at this point facilitates in (automatic) table seating, adding players to the game or waiting list, send a text message when needed and display information on the narrowcasting screen.


The new system is tailor made for the needs of the different functions within Holland Casino. The intuitiveness and ease of use makes live more easy by supporting and facilitating the job of the Holland Casino staff. Integrating functionalities that were previously scattered across systems, like prize distribution calculations and a poker clock, will reduce the number of applications that the staff needs to operate and thus the complexity of the work.

Since the administrative work costs less time and the application really supports the operations during the game, the Holland Casino staff managing the poker games can pay even more attention to the guests, giving them the experience that Holland Casino stands for!

About Holland Casino

Holland Casino consists of fourteen branches spread throughout the Netherlands. The company’s casinos are hospitable entertainment venues, with a varied game and catering offer.

For over 40 years, guests play responsibly and safely for money all year around and are assured of fair play and the highest benefit percentages in the Netherlands.

The casinos offer a wide gaming choice for every visitor aged 18 and over, but it’s the experience of the guests what is most important in the service provided, even for those that do not participate in the games.


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