“Because of it's user-friendliness, the resulting application is now a daily used system within the company”

Eneco Quality Information System

Eneco is a group of companies that is active in the energy sector. As they are tied to rules and regulations, they have multiple documents and checkpoints to see if everything meets the standards. So when they reached out to us, this was being done in many different ways and was proving difficult to scale up. Processes and documents were in multiple places at the same time. What they needed was one, central system, and with that being said, a special request to make this unsexy necessity as hot as possible.

The Challenge

Create a system for quality control documents across a corporate landscape suitable for many different business units. Meet the very diverse needs of the business while improving the performance and scalability of the previous solution built in Sharepoint. Aim for company wide adoption of the app despite the mundane, yet significant appeal of meeting standards and requirements.

Our Solution

Build a new integral management system with OutSystems: QIS (Quality Information System) The application is a centralised system with which eneco can secure the current law and business regulations, procedures and values. The goal was to make it as accessible as possible for a multitude of roles, so input from users early on, with a user experience as translator, increased the system’s adoption.

The Results

QIS gives employees easy access to the correct quality information via one portal, across devices, from desktops to tablets. The result was an improved management of quality information and a uniformity in meeting standards and ability to monitor this. This reduces the time and cost spent in administrative tasks among every level of the corporation.

The Project

Within six months, working closely together as partners, Eneco and Valuga created a strategic foundation for employees. It met all requirements and even, thanks to the added input from the User Experience designer, delivered a sexy app for a somewhat unsexy necessity ensuring safety and security throughout the entire company. The resulting application, with its user-friendliness made it a daily used system within the company, from which Eneco customers and clients reap the benefits.

About Eneco

Eneco is a group of companies that is active in the energy sector. They work together and with customers and partners on their “Everyone’s sustainable energy” mission, so people can take control of their own energy. Thanks to their consistent strategy, they lead the way in the field of sustainability and innovation. They offer added value to consumers and businesses nationally and internationally with their innovative products and services. And they make a valuable contribution to society by generating and supplying green energy.


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